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Industrial Contributions: End User Computing

Open Augment Consortium, 2003
Multi-user software engineering environment for Smalltalk, ENVY/DeveloperTM, OTI, 1990
Evaluation of Hypertext Systems, OTI 1989.
Object Oriented Design, General Electric Medical Systems, August, November 1987.
Object Oriented Design Using Smalltalk and Objective-C, Tektronix, August, October 1987.
User Interfaces for Multi-Media Medical Workstations, TRIO, 1988.
CAD/CAM Requirement for the Canadian Military Colleges, February 1986.
Review of Man-Machine Requirements for the New Museum of Man, National Museums, October, 1985.
Survey of Object Oriented Man-Machine Interface Tools for CAD/CAM, BNR, July - September 1985.
Technical Evaluation of The EMR Office Automation Field Trial, EMR, January 1984 - September 1985.
Office Automation Using Microcomputer Networks, R. L. Crain, March 1984.
Design of an Interactive Dialogue Manager, BNR, May 1982 - July 1984.
Design of an Advanced Home Computer Interface, IF Consulting, September 1982.